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Provocative. Gruesome. Incomprehensible. Spontaneous. Fun. Magical.Mages are back! Since 2017, Christopher Köhler's successful concept has been on the German stages and is now coming to you in the fourth edition!

But this time everything is different: As soon as you enter the theater hall, the viewer quickly realizes: This is not a run-of-the-mill magic performance, but a very unusual magic & mystery show with a clear edge. Experience eerie and extreme stage acts that you have never seen before and for good reason are only performed by very few performers worldwide. From provocative to unbelievable everything is possible in this show!

Get ready for a rollercoaster ride of midnight magic and spooky entertainment - in the tradition of American freak and side shows. The two artists Christopher Köhler and Lars Ruth present their audience with thrills, the mysterious, the creepy and the eerily beautiful magic on stages across the nation. The enfants terribles of the German magic scene will show you how the boundaries between reality and illusion flow together, how ghosts manifest themselves on stage and how thoughts are read in an unbelievable way.

The two exceptional artists interactively involve the audience in the show and guarantee moments of goosebumps and shock that you will never want to forget. Welcome to the freak show!

(Program in German)

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