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with Piet Klocke and the DSO ensemble “6 Basses”

Cabaret concerts in the Schlosspark Theater A successful experiment that calls for a continuation: With the 'Art of UnFuge', the German Symphony Orchestra Berlin (DSO) and the Schlosspark Theater have been offering a new successful format since last season.

And so in the 2023/2024 season, adventurous chamber music ensembles from the DSO will once again embark on comical, subtle and strange tightrope walks together with stars of the German cabaret scene on four Mondays.

Host Dieter Hallervorden and orchestra director Thomas Schmidt-Ott have put together a program that stimulates the laughing muscles and the critical spirit in equal measure and nonchalantly breaks down the boundaries between serious music and entertainment.

As a verbal chaotic and master of tangled half-sentences, Piet Klocke is on the country's stages. With the “6 Basses”, the comedian, author, musician and film composer will have a profound and strange backing band at his side on April 15th.

A cooperation with the German Symphony Orchestra Berlin

(Program in German)

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