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Fairy Tale in Advent for children from 4 years old

The princess muses, "Do I have to keep my promise, even if I only made it to an ugly frog?" Outside the castle gate, there is suddenly a loud croaking sound. Oh dear! And to make matters worse, her father, who can't take a joke when it comes to things like this, arrives at this very moment. This could be trouble!

Szene aus Der Froschkönig
Szene aus Der Froschkönig © Parktheater Edelbruch

The well-known fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm is told in a refreshingly new way in the adaptation by Parktheater Edelbruch. It gives courage to take on life's challenges and entertains children and adults alike. Kristin Giertler and Thomas Kornmann interpreted the fairy-tale material sometimes gruesomely, always beautifully and decidedly differently.

Kristin Giertler and Thomas Kornmann are a tried and tested artistic duo. They have been performing together at the Parktheater Edelbruch since 2008.

For ages 4 and up.

  • Direction / text: Kristin Giertler
  • Acting. Kristin Giertler/ Thomas Kornmann
  • Stage / Puppet construction: Gesine Finder
  • Production: Parktheater Edelbruch
(Program in German)

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Price: €9.40

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Jagdschloss Grunewald
Jagdschloss Grunewald