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Leonard Cohen's songs are about love, hate, longing, fulfillment, the punishing God, the loving woman and vice versa. Interpreted by Denis Fischer, they hit straight to the heart and send the audience into a euphoric frenzy between goosebumps and emotion. The subtle arrangements and Carsten Sauer's powerfully pointed piano accompaniment give Fischer's voice and the poetic language of the lyrics plenty of room.

Denis Fischer
Denis Fischer © Volker Bergmann

Fischer, supplemented by a handful of his own songs inspired by Cohen, creates a highly emotional and finely balanced show that boldly relies entirely on the magic of small gestures. In doing so, he celebrates "Hallelujah" as a delicately broken hymn or "I'm your man" as a grandiose charming flirt with the audience. Denis Fischer celebrates melancholy as the elixir of life and tips his hat to the great Cohen with casual elegance and breathtaking sovereignty.

With great flair for theatricality and interpretation, he breathes exciting fresh life into the legendary songs, showing us a portrait of the artist as a young man - bitter, sarcastic, but also sexy, blessed with a "golden voice" and the palatable humor of serene despair. He is cool and fragile, wild and elegant, pop and chanson with the ideal mix of drama and wink. Take this waltz...!

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