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Psychedelic Highlife Funk to Afrobeats

The band evokes the old spirit. The eight young musicians from Accra learned in the bands of Ebo Taylor, Pat Thomas or Gyedu Bley Ambolleh, whose music was rediscovered by vinyl fans all over the world. Born out of love for the pioneers, the next generation takes the helm with SANTROFI and catapults Highlife into a new era. 

Deep into Highlife
Deep into Highlife © Eric van Nieuwland

After an acclaimed tour across Europe just before Corona and the release of their debut album 'Alewa', SANTROFI are now back. The sound of SANTROFI does not remain in nostalgia: the band does not stop at the booming electronic Afrobeats scene and mixes it up with their gripping Highlifesound.

SANTROFI create an open musical system - and so they also perform in the Kesselhaus with guests: both the pioneer A.K. YEBOAH as well as a special guest from the current Ghanaian Afrobeats scene join them on stage. YEBOAH hung an electric guitar around his neck as early as the 60s and took highlife to a new level with his band K.K. No 2. No 2 Highlife to a new level. Now the guitarist and singer can be heard in Germany for the first time with his highlife funk. He has re-recorded some of his songs with SANTROFI.

In Berlin, 'Deep into Highlife' will be supported by the OMNIVERSAL EARKESTRA. The 14-piece brass band has been celebrated for years for its cosmopolitan weekly Monday sessions in Berlin. Sometimes they dedicate themselves to the legacy of Fela Kuti, sometimes they revive the spirit of Sun Ra. They recently caused a stir with a road trip to the music world of Mali: the band set out to experience the legendary musicians of the 70s live. Markus Schmidt made a documentary film about this trip; with guests from Mali, they played a sold-out concert at the Kesselhaus last year.

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