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Timeless Death is back! But no matter when and wherever he comes, there is always too little of her. Therefore, it is high time to talk about the time, finds Germany's most popular grim reaper.

DER TOD: Zeitlos
DER TOD: Zeitlos © Exitussi

In his most recent and so far most critical show, the inventor of the Death Comedy is dedicated to the absolute inadequacy of humanity and tries to find out with his audience, whether eternity really should always be desirable. For example, in the supermarket snake or in the construction of an airport. Even mayflies are nowadays more relaxed than humans. You just do not have the time for stress, selfies and old age poverty. Wrapped in a dark cowl and with his unmistakably angelic voice, death looks ironically and with its own dark humor, humanity's quest for more sand in the hourglass.

A program of sense of life, the benefits of the deadline, and the long awaited third stage of the nationwide image campaign. Grab the drum of death and grab your Timeless. Fast, before it's too late!

(Program in German)

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