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Created and developed by renowned choreographer David Dawson and the Staatsballett Berlin dancers, this ballet evening is nothing short of a reflection on the human condition.In January 2021, during one of the pandemic's darkest moments, Dawson, together with his cast, embarked on an introspective journey, allowing a communal spirit of trust come to fruition in the protected, shielded, and safe confines of the rehearsal studio. From this unity, genuine hope arises which in turn is conveyed to the audience as a universal human sentiment.

Dawson © Promo

As its musical foundation, David Dawson chose Max Richter's composition VOICES (2020). For many years, the musician devoted himself to studying the United Nation's Universal Declaration of Human Rights from 1948, polyphonically paraphrasing the declaration's opening words: »All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.« These words are the guiding principle to his scenic compositions, counteracting the bleak climate of current global events they were created in with his own future vision of a better and fairer world whose implementation lies in the hands of us all.

This world premiere is juxtaposed with David Dawson's choreography CITIZEN NOWHERE. In his 2017 solo piece, he explores the feeling of being lost during a time in our world history when the »lonely modern predicaments of statelessness and extended refugee status seem to diminish the opportunities for so many, but never the humanity of those who live out their existence within them.« Inspired by »The Little Prince«, this solo work gives physicality to the philosophy of Antoine de Saint-Exupery.

It »shows how the solitary existence of being a human is the most precious thing in the world. Even if you are surrounded by a million people, you still experience your own pain. You still experience your own truth, your fear, and your joy. No one can experience those things for you. That is the miracle of being human«, says Dawson. The music for this solo work was created in close collaboration with the Polish composer Szymon Brzóska.
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Participating artists
David Dawson (Chreographie und Konzept)
Szymon Brzóska (Musik)
Eno Henze (Bühne)
Yumiko Takeshima (Kostüme)
Bert Dalhuysen (Licht)
Altin Kaftira (Film)
Raphaël Coumes-Marquet (Einstudierung)
Rebecca Gladstone (Einstudierung)
David Dawson (Choreographie und Konzept)
Max Richter (Musik)
Eno Henze (Bühnenbild)
Raphaël Coumes-Marquet (Choreographische Assistenz)
Rebecca Gladstone (Choreographische Assistenz)
Deutsche Oper Berlin
Deutsche Oper Berlin
Deutsche Oper Berlin