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The Fate of Max and Martha Liebermann in the "Third Reich

"Here, the situation has now become unbearable and just as today's conditions were unimaginable, so it is impossible to imagine what may yet happen" wrote Martha Liebermann on October 18, 1941 to Emma Zorn, the wife of the Swedish painter Anders Zorn. On this day, the German Jewess had probably long since suspected that she would not succeed in leaving her home in Berlin in time. One day before her planned deportation to Theresienstadt, she flees to her own death on March 10, 1944.

Max Liebermann Haus von außen
Max Liebermann Haus von außen © Max Liebermann Haus

Diary entries, texts by companions and historical reports will be used to commemorate the fate of Martha Liebermann, which was exemplary for many Berlin Jews.

Read by Hannelore Hoger and Thomas Thieme

In cooperation with the Neuhardenberg Castle Foundation

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