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On the balcony away from the party, the question of what the new life will be like - and how to get there in the first place - is explored. How to cross this in-between, this limbo between graduation and the following "real life" with corresponding ideas and attributions. Is it enough to simply wait, or do you have to take it into your own hands?

KEY VISUAL Das größte Zwischen überhaupt
KEY VISUAL Das größte Zwischen überhaupt © Bjørn de Wildt

But how exactly do you take something into your own hands that you can't even touch, how do you tackle it, the biggest in-between of all? Or does it perhaps have a contour, the form of promises, dreams or of the last vacation? And if so, maybe you can fold it up and put it in your pocket, then you don't have to be afraid of it. Right?

Gizem: The prom tonight is still school, but tomorrow morning it will be

real life.

Bo: You mean that it will change at some point, tonight?

Fjodor: Click, just like that?

Bumblebee: Like the numbers on the clock suddenly jump to zero, but it's not like that.

Debbi: The in-between has already started and will only stop again later.

Ash: And what if it doesn't stop at all?

Cassandra: What if it's the biggest in-between ever?


Kamil Ahmad, Samy Allozy, Mehlika Barut, Meta Hildebrandt,

Athena Möller, Amina Rieke, Katherina Schmidt, Lena Wetzel


Bjørn de Wildt


Yuval Halpern


Federica Fugazzi


Celine Hochgräber

world premiere on september 22, 2022. Further performances on september 23/24, 2022.

(Program in German)

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Neuköllner Oper
Neuköllner Oper
Neuköllner Oper