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The Danish region of Thy, located in the north-west of the country, is known for its wild sea and well-preserved nature. Here, in the midst of large fields, lies the Gyrup estate. Grain is already being grown there in the eighth generation.

To this day, the grain for Thy Whiskey, including barley, rye and spelled, comes 100% from home cultivation. In contrast to the large distilleries, Thy does not rely on special breeds, but rather cultivates old and partly forgotten varieties in organic quality. The result is authentic distillates.

At this tasting, the participants learn everything about the young history of Thy Danish Whisky, for example how the whiskey is distilled and stored. A selection of older and newer distillates as well as cask samples directly from the Danish warehouse is served. At least six whiskeys are tasted at this tasting.

The tasting takes place in English. However, questions can be asked in German.

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