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We're All Doomed! - End of the World Tour 2022

When DANIEL HOWELL founded his YouTube channel in 2009 (currently 6.5 million subscribers), the Brit managed to bridge the gap between YouTube star, BBC Radio 1 DJ, documentary filmmaker and festival headliner. With a new show and his usual stressed and depressed existence, Dan wants to say goodbye to everyone with his WE'RE ALL DOOMED tour before the world finally comes to an end. For this, the 30-year-old comes to Berlin on 24.02.2023.

Tempodrom Michael Bernschein

This will be an evening full of self-irony, soul-searching and a Dan who reveals his deepest fears and desires. He is perhaps one of the biggest, international online phenomena of this time.

His non-fiction mental health book, You Will Get Through This Night, catapulted him to New York Times and Sunday Times bestselling author. For while he makes jokes at his own expense, Dan consistently has serious struggles with his sexuality and mental health and shares this with his YouTube fans. In his book and with openness on his social medias, he gives guides on how to take care of your mental state.

In 2022 and 2023, Daniel will embark on his first solo comedy show, "We're All Doomed! - End of the World," where he will perform again at the London Palladium, Kings Theatre NYC and the Ace Theatre in L.A., among other venues. An exclusive show will also take the Youtuber to Berlin.

Let's be doomed!

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