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The duet, an inclusive dance performance, was inspired by the plant fairy tale "The Dancing Pear Tree" by Ursula Bertsch. The plant fairy tale thematizes the interaction of Olaf with the circus performer and juggler Pippolina. With the help of nature, magic, moonlight and trees - especially pear trees - a night of magic ensues for Pippolina and Olaf as they both pool their skills and go through a wonderful dance experience.

Hof der Uferstudios
Hof der Uferstudios © Uferstudios

Britta Kerger's performance focuses on nature magic and the interaction of dance techniques.

"And dancing with each other was even more beautiful than juggling with each other and Olaf's wooden leg danced happily along and Olaf didn't understand how he had ever thought it was NOT possible to dance with one leg/wooden leg."
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Dance: Britta Kerger, Anne Brüning (Reserve: Karthik R.)
Uferstudios: Hof der Uferstudios