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1006/5000Whiskey you are the devil Tour Already the name of this dance show symbolizes the enthusiasm for the Irish tap dance. Translated from English, she is called "Die Tanzwütigen". Yes, the Irish can not let dance, singing and playing be.

Danceperados of Ireland
Danceperados of Ireland © Concertbuero Zahlmann GmbH

It's in their blood. But they are also world-famous for other artistry and passions. This includes without any ifs and buts the Irish whiskey. As with Irish dancing or singing, here too the knowledge and skills are passed on from generation to generation. To become a big whiskey, it has to mature for decades and gain more and more character. It is the same with great artists. So why not bring these two cultures together? A rogue who thinks evil ....

The "Whiskey you are the devil" program is not a full evening homage to the alcohol and the well-known drinking pleasure of the Irish. That would be too easy. The Irish often drank to repress oppression, hunger and lack of prospects.

Yes, the Irish can't leave off dancing, singing and playing.

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