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dance and tradition from the real Ireland

The fascination with the music and dance from the Emerald Isle has been unbroken for over 20 years in countless shows around the world. But where are still the real values and ways of Ireland?

Bühnenshow Danceperados
Bühnenshow Danceperados © Concertbüro Zahlmann GmbH

Due to the multitude of successful shows on the subject, the entertainment value and the mixing with other topics came more and more into the foreground, while the original pillars of Ireland fell further and further into the background. The small island can only be happy about this development, after all, its cultural heritage is celebrated all over the world.

But what is really still "Made in Ireland"?

Michael Donnellan, Eimhin Liddy and Petr Pandula have also asked themselves this question. The production team behind "Danceperados of Ireland" is itself deeply rooted in the music and dance of Ireland. Together, the choreographer, musicians and performers brought a new series of shows "by Irish people for the rest of the world."

Instead of big spectacle and effects, the focus is on the artistic challenge - without any net or double bottom. Only real artists and living culture. Everything united in dance and music.

An ensemble of the extra class - all united by the red-hot love for Ireland - an intimate love, which goes deeper than Oscar Wilde and Guinness. And you experience that, you feel it again - as it sounds so beautiful: "Sinne Fianna Fáil..."

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