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"Good Wedding, Bad Wedding

What had Kalle been proud of recently: In the basement of the Späti doner kebab shop in Wedding he had accidentally made THE archaeological find of the year: namely the original doner kebab skewer! As a result, UNESCO had no choice but to declare the “SpäDöPe” a World Heritage Site.

On the way back from the announcement in New York, however, the inadvertent researcher's own appetite gets in the way. Ignoring the warning of the accompanying kebab maker, the starving postman bites a good chunk out of the historical meat skewer... and thus unleashes the powers of an ancient curse. Spandau is promptly hit by a plague of locusts, and this exceptional situation gives the long-started SPEXIT the final boost. Spandau finally and officially separates itself from the rest of Berlin!

Meanwhile, the favorite Latino brothers Manolo and Estefan are also drawing consequences – of a completely different kind. Still on the trail of a valuable secret schnapps recipe, they find out with the help of a speech therapist that the mysterious ingredient “Wulamaha” is a rare Spandau plant. In order to find them, they put detective Günther Fisch on the matter. Schnaps idea, because he has to compete with Sheriff Coldblood, who is stranded in exile.

Kalle is also on the road in curse-plagued Spandau, because his guilt at the SPEXIT is really getting to him. A journey through time, in which he wants to prevent himself from eating a devastating doner kebab, is his last hope. But first he has to get past the bureaucracy. And in his own self. And as you know, that's not exactly narrow.

(Program in German)
Participating artists
Josefine Heidt
Esther Leiggener
Sascha Vajnstajn
Oliver Tautorat
Kilian Löttker