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Drop In Workshops

How do artists work? Where do they get their ideas from? What tools and methods do they use? These and many other questions are creatively explored in the Drop In Workshops at the Willy Brandt House for children aged 12 - 15.

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: Kreative Freizeit für Kinder
Holger Biermann

The workshops focus on exploring the building with its unique architecture as well as the exhibitions of the Willy Brandt House - as a place to encounter art, culture and photography. Once a month, the galleries can be visited as part of the workshops, individual works from the art collection can be explored or a look behind the scenes of the exhibition operations can be taken. The practical focus is always on independent artistic work and at each workshop an artistic medium is tried out to match the artworks seen.

Target group: children from 12 - 15 years
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