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In the midst of the current discourses on the reconstruction of Berlin's old town, this innovative format creates a platform for the first time on which representatives from architecture, sociology, archaeology, politics and activism can come together at a special monastery ruin in Berlin, one of the oldest surviving buildings in the city . Their goal is to discuss together what kind of city we want for the future and how the past, present and future relate to each other.

Through short lectures, city tours and discussions, the participants deal intensively with the question of how urban planning and architecture can look like that pick up on fragmented stories, meet current social and ecological challenges and open up visionary perspectives for the future.

The conference brings together top-class guests such as Noa K. Ha, Claudia Melisch, Philipp Oswalt, Mathias Schulz, Niloufar Tajeri, Stephan Trüby, Anna Yeboah and other experts. Under the concept of Juliane Bischoff and Philipp Krüpe, it offers an inspiring mixture of German and English language lectures and discussions.

This event promises to be a vibrant platform for sharing and developing pioneering ideas to shape the future of this city together.

Admission free

The conference will take place in German or English.

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