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A round anniversary is coming up, although the actual date has long since been washed away by the Corona wave. So when 65 is supposed to be round, there's a celebration. And because it's a birthday, the person celebrating is allowed to make a wish: Companions from good times - perhaps the best there were - companions and times. And that from literally two millennia. In addition, the 10 wishes from the current Bajazzo album - "Ten Wishes".

Eventposter Companions
Eventposter Companions © Promo

1974 - still in the schoolyard the line-up was decided, they agreed - Santana, Stevie Wonder and Jimi Hendrix should be on the set-list - pure imposture, but they wanted to know and it was huge from the beginning.

Later, in the late seventies, they formed the band Bajazzo, studied music and discovered jazz-rock for themselves. Maybe something like the road movie among the genres - this feeling of getting in and going, the sun on the horizon and if the track is straight, also accelerating sometimes. But what do the categories mean and who says which music is good? Many other projects followed and 15 years of studio work. And because it obviously keeps young, it shall go on like this!

Jürgen Heckel


Pascal, Gerhard Kubach, Micha Behm, Frank Nicolovius, Kersten Meyer, Detlev Nutsch, Peter Michailow, Falk Breitkreuz, Julia Hülsmann, Rene Decker, Volker Schlott, Uwe Kropinski, Topo Gioia, Max Hughes, Rene Decker, Dudu Tucci ...
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