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Sonic Morgue

CocoRosie, sister duo Sierra and Bianca Casady, released Put the Shine On on March 6, 2020 via Marathon Artists. Due to the Corona Pandemic, all attempts to tour with the album since then failed. Now, finally, three years later, the songs can be seen and heard live.

Since 2004 CocoRosie have been extremely successful with their mix of folk, opera, hip-hop, and together with Antony & Johnsons and Devendra Banhardt they shaped a psychedelic-folk wave that became known as New Weird America.

The Sonic Morgue concert series enters a new round in 2023.

It was conceived by Christian Morin, who headed the Volksbühne's music program for twelve years and also works as a festival dramaturge at Pop-Kultur.

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