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New Values

C/O Digital Festival . For two consecutive days, New Values will present the results of this year's program on site for experimentation and discussion. In conversations with artists and mentors, workshops with participants of the online program, as well as participatory events and panel discussions, the questions raised in 2022 will be explored in greater depth.

KEY VISUAL C/O DIGITAL FESTIVAL C/O Berlin Foundation, Naroska Design

C/O Digital is a digital platform of C/O Berlin dedicated to the exploration of web-based visual cultures and their artistic expressions. C/O Digital illuminates, interprets, and presents topics at the interface with photography, but from the perspective of digital cultures. The program promotes artists who deal with the pressing questions of digitality and supports these artistic research and production processes with events, workshops, and discussion formats. The C/O Digital program offers meeting spaces for artists, scholars, and the public interested in digital topics - both on and offline.

"We see C/O Digital as an important extension of C/O Berlin. The new content and offerings can be accessed anytime, anywhere - detached from our busy location here in Berlin- Charlottenburg. With the festival as the highlight of the C/O Digital annual program, we are combining strengths: We make our new digital content physically experienceable in the Amerika Haus and thus invite all visitors:inside on a new journey of discovery." Stephan Erfurt, CEO C/O Berlin Foundation

In 2022, C/O Digital dedicated itself to the artistic examination and redefinition of the term 'value' with the annual theme New Values. Productivity, efficiency, and economic success are the cornerstones of digital platforms in which people move in a changing digital world. The search for new definitions of value and networks built on mutual care, solidarity and trust away from capitalist and profit-oriented guidelines is a challenge.

This year's Incubator artists Ayoung Kim, Debbie Ding, and Keiken have approached this challenge in exchange with mentors Geert Lovink, MetaObjects, and The New Design Congress, questioning the concept of 'value' through their own research and production. In order to imagine social forms of togetherness beyond the economic market, methods of virtual gaming were used: creating worlds, building networks, testing new forms of value. For this reason, gaming as a strategy of critical thinking and questioning of existing systems was a focal point of the 2022 annual program.

Admission to the festival and the current exhibitions is free.

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C/O Berlin (im Amerika-Haus)
C/O Berlin (im Amerika-Haus)