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Cinematic Perspectives on the Holocaust (in English)

Documentary films have been made since the end of the Second World War to commemorate the victims of the Holocaust and not to forget the crimes of the Nazis. The documentary film À pas aveugles - blind steps was shot in 2020.

Filmmaker Christophe Cognet uses his camera to investigate the courageous photographers in the Nazi concentration and extermination camps who secretly took photos there. Their photographs are rare finds that document the crimes of the Nazis. Cognet adopts their perspectives, thereby fathoming the history of the photographs and recalling the fate of the photographers. During the event, Christophe Cognet will talk about the making of the film.

Christophe Cognet is a director and documentary filmmaker from France. His films deal with memories and the influence of images on memory. One focus of his work is the memory of the Holocaust and in particular the actions of the persecuted Jewish population. In his film Parce que j'étais peintre. L´art rescapé des camps nazis (2014) he investigates artistic works that were secretly created in the concentration and extermination camps. In 2019 he published the book Éclats about secret photographs from Nazi camps, which accompanied the conception of his film À pas aveugles.

Participation free of charge.

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A special exhibition by Yad Vashem in cooperation with the Art Library – State Museums in Berlin and the Friends of Yad Vashem e.V.

The extensive program of education and mediation is funded by: Federal Agency for Civic Education, Sal. Oppenheim Foundation and Volkswagen Group.

(In English)
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