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4 Legs Good
4 Legs Good © Meyers Originals
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Claire Cunningham: 4 Legs Good

Lecture Performance

Claire Cunningham is probably the best known and most successful disabled dance artist today. She is a performer, choreographer and creator of multidisciplinary performances. Her evenings like "Give Me a Reason to Live" and "The Way You Look (at me) Tonight" tour worldwide.



Ballhaus Ost

Pappelallee 15 A 10437  Berlin

"If the Disability Arts Community were a city in its own right," BBC Radio recently said, "Claire Cunningham would be the mayor." In her lecture performance "4 Legs Good", half lecture, half dance solo, Cunningham describes and shows how she uses and misuses her crutches artistically, how she experiments with them, and how they influence her art. The question of what is possible by combining the crutches with her body and other bodies has gradually shifted in her work to the question of how the crutches connect her to the world.

Duration: 60 minutes.Lecture in English language with integrated English audio description and translation into German sound and sign language.

Supported by Creative Scotland.

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Teilnehmende Künstler
Claire Cunningham

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