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City And Color's most recent album, The Love Still Held Me Near, explores how Dallas Green has come to terms with the loss of loved ones and rediscovered himself and his love of music. In any case, the record ends on an upbeat note with the song "Begin Again".

Musically it sounds similarly melancholic as before, but everything is a bit rougher and simpler. Maybe that's because the record wasn't made in a big studio, but at home. That makes the sound scratchy, but it also feels very authentic in connection with the content of the lyrics.

It's hard to believe that this man also made a sensational comeback with his rock crew and scooped up the Juno Award for Rock Album of the Year with Alexisonfire's nearly contemporaneous record Otherness. But the band and City and Color have always been two sides of the same coin. The extroverted living out of feelings is opposed to the introspective art of forming beautiful songs from sad thoughts.

In October he comes to Berlin for a show.

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