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Since summer 2020, the Humboldt Forum has been organizing a virtual think tank together with five African cinema initiatives: the Cinema Spaces Network (CSN). In January 2022, the members will come together to present themselves, their work, initial projects and their visions to the Berlin audience. From 15-21 January, everything will revolve around the question of what cinema can, could and would like to be in 2022.

Cine na Biso screening
Cine na Biso screening © Cine na Biso

CSN members invite you to Cine Lectures at 5.30 pm. These interactive lectures will focus on different concepts of how cinemas can become new cultural and social centres - in urban and rural areas. During the day, workshops and seminars will also take place at the Humboldt Forum and throughout Berlin - meetings with professionals and interested parties from various film industries.

The famous title of Joseph Conrad’s Congo novel has been sticking to the country’s reputation like a curse. Today’s nascent Congolese cinema scene actively counteracts. This Cine Lecture provides insights into this dynamic movement.  

Films about the Congo have majorly contributed to the country’s image as the hellhole of this world. A young scene of filmmakers and cinema activists in Kinshasa are actively revolting against this gory attribution – by making films and by creating a cinema culture matching the city’s specifics. This cine lecture provides insights into this dynamic movement.

- Hall 2
- German, English, French with translation into English and German
- free of charge
- Wheelchair accessible
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Humboldt Forum: Saal 2