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fairy tales - really grim!

An exciting theater experience with two actors, an original text and a stage! Once upon a time - Grimm's Fairy Tales in the Glass Palace.

The specially developed format, which presents two half-hour fairy tales per performance, illustrates the close connection between the unique charm of these stories, their special comedy and the captivating horror atmosphere with the deep-rooted fears and hopes of everyone.

In the blink of an eye, the stage is transformed into a festively set table with something for everyone: highly entertaining enjoyment.


“Always remain pious and always good. And I will always be around you.” Always. Always. Always. A promise of happiness made to a child by its mother that is not kept. Instead, the child discovers a world that simply does not correspond to his basic trust and basic sense of justice. And yet it doesn't let its back be broken and fights for its promise of happiness. Forever!

Puss in Boots

“... but the third one only got a hangover.” Where does the happy ending come from? No chance! This is the fairy tale about ourselves: to create the greatest possible theater with almost no resources, humble in the author's spirit and selflessly in the service of the audience, this has always been the concept.
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