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Performative Musical Theater

A change of perspective on nature and culture from the point of view of a speculative age after the Anthropocene is intended to save humanity, which is threatened with extinction.

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: Chthuluzän is calling_Berichte aus der Zukunft
© Therese Schmidt

Climate change, species extinction, pandemics: humanity of the Anthropocene is facing enormous challenges. In the face of a collapsing earth, the music theater collective mehrblick&ton embarks on the path of the speculative and discovers in the Chtulucene-an imagined age after the Anthropocene-a new understanding of nature and culture and a new coexistence of human and non-human living beings.

Two hybrid beings from the Chtulucene meet the unique, individual and endangered humanity of the Anthropocene. Their mission: to save humanity from extinction! Their means: communication on all levels and with all senses. And so vocal works from the Anthropocene (Frank Martin: Messe pour double choeur) combine with musical messages from the Chtulucene, quotations and onomatopoeic compositions merge with performative and textual interventions. Can the continued existence of humans be secured through metamorphoses of thinking, feeling and acting and does a change of perspective enable new, (r)evolutionary connections?

Wolfgang Heiniger as composer and author and Therese Schmidt as author and director, are toghether the music theater collective mehrblick&ton. They work in collaboration with various artists. Their performative music theater is based on literary, musical and discursive models and combines different theatrical approaches to create its own language and sound cosmos. An important component is the loudspeaker orchestra - a conglomeration of the most diverse sound transducers, which allow the sounds to blossom in space and give the sounds themselves a body.

So far Moby_D. Eine Männermelancholie/ Ein deutscher Wal (2016, Basel, Berlin, Dresden) and "Die Jeinsager. Or: On the unbearable ambivalence of daily decisions". (Basel, 2020ff.)
Additional information
Funded in the #TakeAction program of the Fonds Darstellende Künste in cooperation and with the kind support of the Studio for Electroacoustic Music of the Akademie der Künste, Berlin.
Participating artists
Konrad Dietze (Licht)
Wolfgang Heiniger (Konzept, Texte)
Wolfgang Heiniger (Musik)
Anne Hoffmann (Performance)
Liz Kosack (Synthesizer, Keyboard)
Liz Kosack (Musik)
Frank Martin (Musik)
The Present (Vokalensemble)
Therese Schmidt (Konzept, Texte, Regie)
Sébastien Vaillancourt (Klangregie)
Yassu Yabara (Bühne, Kostüm)