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"Chok" (Jan Roth/ Paul Brauner/ Malte Sieberns)

CHOK is an acoustic trio with a traditional line-up—drums (Jan Roth), double bass (Paul Brauner) and piano (Malte Sieberns). Idiosyncratic, minimalist compositions and fragments of the jazz canon underpin their shared language for an extremely improvisational, playful game that is focused on the moment.

Instead of a museum revival of jazz's past or supposedly contemporary modernizations, the collective balancing of polarities such as “archaic-modernist”, “musical-intellectual” and “virtuoso-naive” is the focus of their work.

  • Jan Roth: drums
  • Paul Brauner: double bass
  • Malte Sieberns: piano

Entrance: 8:00 p.m., Concert: 8:30 p.m