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The string orchestra of the Shanghai School and the choir of the Shanghai Shibei School can be heard in the Chamber Music Hall of the Philharmonie Berlin.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
The Marriage of Figaro KV 492: Overture

Gang Chen
"Liang Zhu" (The Butterfly Lovers), concerto for violin and orchestra

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Serenade in G major KV 525 "Eine kleine Nachtmusik"

Ich singe vom Fluss meiner Mutter
Organ Fugue
Down by the Riverside

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Participating artists
Shanghai ShiBei Senior High School Choir
Streichorchester der Shanghai Schule
Sharena Gayda Berlin
Boryana Velichkova
SUSTech High School Choir
Qian Wang
Xuyuan Zhao
Beijing Xinqi Dance
Xin Han
Xiaonan Qu
Mengjie Xi
Zhirui Fan
Bigband & Combo
Rusong Shen
Zhiyun Pan
Emmanuelle Verger
SinfonieOrchester Tempelhof
Mathis Richter-Reichhelm
SZFZ Musikzug Hemmingen
Berthold Huss