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Berlin-based artist Tatjana Doll has selected an imposing series of 40 large to very large format paintings, titled "Dummy_Akku-Akku", for her exhibition "Check In". All of the paintings depict the mystical stone figures of the Easter Islands, called moai, as powerful artistic representations of human self.

Dummy_Akku-Akku, Tatjana Doll
Dummy_Akku-Akku, Tatjana Doll © Dummy_Akku-Akku, Tatjana Doll

Tatjana Doll's artworks were created between 2014 and 2022. The accumulator batteries are a basic motif for the artist; as icons of a past high culture, they protect, so to speak, all her other paintings and visualizations of present high culture, such as cars, airplanes, containers or pictograms in her other works.

The paintings hang, figuratively conceived, with their backs to the stage and auditorium. In this way, the Moai protect the events taking place behind them in the auditorium, much like the stewards who protect a soccer game standing in front of the boards. In the foyer, the Moai symbolically look out into the open sea, which is not Berlin or the world, but the now.

"Check In" - Exhibition by Tatjana Doll
Exhibition in the foyers of the Deutsche Oper Berlin from October 2022 to July 2023
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