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Geraldo Si. David Palliser. And guests.

Geraldo Si and David Palliser inhabit the stage to intertwine the physicality of improvised dance and music. Single focus is overtaken by multi. Risk and chance go forth.

KEY VISUAL Chased by Sichtlaut
KEY VISUAL Chased by Sichtlaut © Produktion

Improvisation requires some emptying out and new beginnings in the concentrated envelope of time and space. Geraldo Si and David Palliser will collide in ways they are committed to not knowing - but how empty can they get?

The music and dance will accompany each other in the same space and disrupt a singular reading of the work. Form is found in the making. The two artists exchange trust, energy and communicate to create a third performer.
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By and with Geraldo Si, David Palliser and guests

Self funded apart from the generous assistance from Acker Stadt Palast.
Schoko-Laden Mitte - Berlin