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with Out Of Chaos by Gravity & Other Myths

The Chamäleon New Year’s Eve Gala is back! We are very excited to finally celebrate the arrival of a new year with you at our theatre. Party with us into the early morning hours and experience a special evening in our historical Jugendstil ballroom.

Chamäleon Silvestergala
Chamäleon Silvestergala Promo

Out of Chaos:

Hard-edged acrobatics that reference birth and primordial physics collide with intimate verbal confessions and insights into what it feels like to be on stage in real time. By exposing the inner workings of their world-class acrobats, the company unveils the magic that is inherent in any work of Gravity & Other Myths: genuine warmth and connection between the performers and the audience.

At its conceptual centre, it is a story of how things come together. People, planets and plans. Movement and stillness. Audience, performer, sound and light. With great sincerity, eight acrobats together with the musician Ekrem Eli Phoenix create exhilarating images and move with agility between chaotic creation stories and our seemingly ordered understanding of the here and now.

Chamäleon New Years Eve Gala

Evening Itinerary

  • 8:15 pm Admission & Dinner Service
  • 9:45 pm Out Of Chaos – 1st Half
  • 10:40 pm Intermission – 20 Minutes
  • 11:00 pm Out Of Chaos – 2nd Half until approx. 11:30 pm
  • from 00:00 am Party with DJ Jensai
Booking via Mail or via phone.

Additional information
Participating artists
Darcy Grant (Autor/in)
Dylan Phillips
Emily Gare
Lachlan Binns
Lewis Rankin
Lisa Goldsworthy
Martin Schreiber
André Augustus
Shani Stephens
Sonja Schebeck
Chamäleon Berlin (in den Hackeschen Höfen)