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Open workshop in the special exhibition "StilBRUCH?!"

Many artists have worked on Charlottenburg Palace over the centuries. In open workshops, visitors to the special exhibition can experience in practice how monument conservators and artists restored or redesigned lost works of spatial and garden art. 

Blick vom Schloss auf das Parterre des Schlossgarten Charlottenburg
Blick vom Schloss auf das Parterre des Schlossgarten Charlottenburg © SPSG / Wolfgang Pfauder

This workshop focuses on the large area between the castle and the carp pond. For a long time it was characterized by meadows and groups of trees, but after its destruction in World War II it was restored as a garden parterre of the Baroque period. The few surviving plans, illustrations from 18th century pattern books, and a great deal of inventiveness helped in this process. The participants will use these models and, under the guidance of the artist and art educator Franceska Welp, will create their own designs in the form of collages made of paper and other materials.

The workshop is designed as an open event over a period of three hours. Visitors to the special exhibition can participate spontaneously if workstations are available. We ask for a donation of materials on site.

  • A donation of materials on site is requested
  • Please note that tickets for the special exhibition are limited
  • online purchase is recommended

Additional information
Price info: Participation with special exhibition ticket free of charge, material donation requested
Schloss Charlottenburg