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In the summer of 1972, a methodological, cultural-political and, not least, artistic experiment began at what was then the Berlin State Drama School: the founding of the puppetry department, the first of its kind in the German-speaking region.

Book premiere “Puppe50 – Five decades of puppetry art at the HfS Ernst Busch Berlin”

In the summer of 2022, students and teachers at what is now the Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Arts used this beginning fifty years ago as an opportunity for a celebration: Puppe50 - What was? What is? What will happen? Three days of games and encounters, forums and discussions – carried by living memories, pride and visions for the future of this special form of theater. The anniversary book asks, in the spirit of the celebration: What happened? What is? What will happen? A pause after five decades of training, an inventory in words and pictures.

With contributions, among other things: by Thomas Oberender, Kathi Loch, Gerd Taube, Markus Joss, Katja Kollmann, Robert Schuster, Andrea Tralles-Barck, John von Düffel, Mathias Becker, Enikó Mária Szász, Cecilia De la Jara, Ingo Mewes, Moritz Sostmann, Atif Mohammed Nor Hussein and Rimini Protocol.
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