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Silent film concert with Stephan Graf von Bothmer

Broken Blossoms is an American silent film by director D. W. Griffith from 1919, which was one of the first films to be distributed by United Artists. The melodrama tells the love story of an abused English woman and a Buddhist Chinese man in the brutal reality of London. A bitterly sweet silent film drama.

The film is also about tolerance between people of different origins. The film service writes: “A masterpiece by the American film pioneer Griffith, whose concentrated condensation of space and time, combined with atmospheric photography and virtuoso acting performances, significantly influenced the impressionistic French film and the German chamber drama of the 1920s.”

"Stephan v. Bothmer is one of the hottest silent film musicians in Germany." (Komische Oper Berlin) The pianist fills concert halls on five continents with his spectacular silent film concerts. To date he has scored over 600 silent films for over 110,000 guests. Bothmer's interpretations, which are based on classical training at the Berlin University of the Arts, are characterized by pianistic skill and empathy, compositional and improvisatory daring, and the confident combination of classical and modern traditions.

Admission is free - a donation is requested.
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