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The Brecht-Weigel Museum is located in the side wing of the Brecht House at Chausseestraße 125. Immediately adjacent are the French and Dorotheenstädt Cemeteries, where Huguenot generals, writers, composers, sculptors, philosophers and actors have their graves.

Schreibmaschine im Brecht-Weigel-Museum
Schreibmaschine im Brecht-Weigel-Museum © Akademie der Künste, KUNSTWELTEN

Bertolt Brecht lived in his apartment on the second floor of the side wing and rear building from October 1953 until his death on August 14, 1956. He had been persuaded above all by the proximity to the Berliner Ensemble, the Academy and the historic cemeteries next door to move into this apartment of "decent dimensions," as he wrote to his publisher Peter Suhrkamp. The size of the rooms provided Brecht with enough space for many work desks and room for conversations with his students.

The apartment also houses his estate library with approximately 4,000 volumes, which is available to users of the Bertolt Brecht Archive. During Brecht's lifetime, Helene Weigel occupied rooms on the second floor of the side wing, which she made available to the Bertolt Brecht Archive, which she founded, after Brecht's death. She had a veranda leading to the garden added and moved into the first floor in 1957. She lived in this apartment until her death on May 6, 1971. The Brecht-Weigel Museum was opened on Brecht's 80th birthday, February 10, 1978. Three rooms of each of the apartments have been preserved in their original condition.

The tandem tour prepared with the ABSV (Allgemeiner Blinden- und Sehbehindertenverein Berlin) with employees of the Brecht-Weigel-Museum and the ABSV begins in Helene Weigel's apartment on the first floor and leads into Bertolt Brecht's apartment. In addition to selected original objects that can be touched, such as furniture, writing utensils and tableware, it also offers specially created tactile models, including the floor plans of the apartments.

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