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The Brazilian youth orchestra Camerata Ivoti impresses at international performances with its Brazilian and South American repertoire: from classical to folk music.

Works performed:

Panis Angelicus
César Franck (1822-1890)
Version: Emanuel L.M. da Silva
Soprano: Jaqueline K. Bartz

Leopoldo Rassier (1936-2000)
Arr.: Kauê Trojan
Soloists: Flautas Transversais: Gabriela Reusch e Constance E. K. Schoenardie
Violin: Kauê Trojan and Caroline Lutz

Vento Negro
José Carlos Fogaça (1947)
Arr.: Wilson Dobbins Barbosa

Melodia Sentimental
H. Villa-Lobos (1887-1959)
Arr.: M. Kleber
Transverse flute: Gabriela Reusch
Soprano: Jaqueline K. Bartz

among others

Admission is free, donations are requested