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The author in conversation with publisher Christian Strasser

On September 14, the book premiere of the author Angela Findlay with her new novel "Im Schatten meines Grandvaters" (Europa Verlag) will take place in the Literaturhaus Berlin.

In her book, the English-German author Angela Findlay deals with the entanglement of three generations of her family during the National Socialist era. War and its consequences, guilt, trauma and the legacy of silence are brought to consciousness and viewed sensitively. Much of Findlay's research involved traveling to places steeped in history. In Russia she followed the route taken by her grandfather - a senior SS general who fought at the forefront of the Eastern Front - during Operation Barbarossa.

The result is a book that shows how the relationships between the past and present generations interlock - and in which the author tries to fathom what the knowledge about her grandfather means for her own life. A completely new perspective arises from the fact that Findlay approaches the subject from both a German and an English point of view.