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Live Musik, Urban-Art & Street Food

A block party with a fine sound system, DJs, live music, hip-hop barbecue, urban art, dancing, fresh Kölsch & summer vibes in the heart of Berlin!

On 26 August VisitKöln will bring Cologne's lifestyle and creative scene to Berlin!

Well-known DJs and artists from Cologne and Berlin will celebrate the summer and the cultural partnership between the two cities with the mini open-air festival Köllefornia Dreamin'.

The headliner is Cologne rapper ALBI X.

The event is inspired by the block parties of the 1970s in the USA, which grew out of hip-hop culture. The set-up will be rounded off in style with drinks and street food.

The free tickets for Köllefornia Dreamin' are limited.

On Sat. 26.08.23, the Cologne city marketing Visit Köln, together with the urban communication agency XI DE SIGN, is hosting and inviting all Berliners, tourists and fans to an open-air block party under the motto "KÖLLEFORNIA DREAMING" right in the heart of Kreuzberg!

In addition to the Afro-German ALBI X from Cologne, the label and party collective blvckbvlb will present fresh DJs, newcomers and beatboxers from the block. In a show interlude, break dancers from Berlin will compete against dancers from Cologne. The guys and gals from Jerk Master and Beni Doubles will spice up the lud with the finest barbecue smoke, while Cologne's Suenner Brewery will be pouring out its freshly tapped "Kölsch".

The location of the event is a "backyard" in Kreuzberg, the busy Prinzessinnenstraße directly adjacent to an XXL fire protection wall, which also serves as a stage set and "eye-catcher". In a close cooperation, the graffiti artist Stereoheat from Berlin and the Cologne legend Semor jointly designed a large-format mural - inspired by the Miami Vice vibe and the GTA style motif.


Albi X grew up in Cologne in a Congolese family and was often discriminated against because of his albinism. No wonder he stands up for multiculturalism and against prejudice with his music! At the end of 2022, ALBI X was awarded the popNRW prize in Cologne's Gloria Theatre.

Sosa is one of the hottest DJs in the city, among other things he is the resident DJ at the popular 808 Club. His sound is an incomparable mix of hip-hop, trap, afro, futuresounds, baile funk, dancehall, garage, house, grime, amapiano & R&B.

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