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- A beginning of the end of the GDR. The Biermann petitionists of the DEFA and their films in East and West Germany

From the mid-1970s, a series of films in the GDR critically examined the social conditions in their country. They tell of interpersonal conflicts and personal problems that can be related to social grievances in the GDR.

The works realized in the West by the scriptwriters, actors and directors from the GDR reflect experiences of forced emigration, life in capitalist countries and alienation from home.

The retrospective, created in cooperation with the Federal Agency for Civic Education and the Deutsche Kinemathek, takes a look at German-German film history before and after Wolf Biermann's expatriation. It tells of the attempts of East German filmmakers like Frank Beyer or Armin Mueller-Stahl to assert themselves and remain loyal in the face of the repressive policies of the Politburo on both sides of the Wall.

(Program in German)
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