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A journey through time through my diaries

When Bettina Tietjen finds her old diaries in the basement, a disturbing journey through time begins for her. She meets her 14-year-old self again, who positions herself passionately politically, immerses herself in her first, sometimes long-awaited love affairs, the years of separation from her strict religious parents' home and the great search for happiness in life.

Confronted with the dreams, ideals and fears of her younger self, the now sixty-one-year-old presenter, author and talk show host embarks on a highly entertaining but also thoughtful self-exploration and realizes: even if we look at life very differently decades later, we can learning a few things from our younger selves!

Bettina Tietjen has been the host on the Red Sofa of the program “DAS!” on NDR television since 1993. She also welcomes prominent guests on the “NDR Talkshow” together with Jörg Pilawa once a month on Friday evenings. Her books "Laughed with Tears" about her father's dementia and "Tietjen on Tour" about her camping experiences were on the SPIEGEL bestseller list for weeks.

(Program in German)

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