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Studio international

Berlin speaks many languages – and yes, we love it! That’s why we’re opening the doors of Studio international to all poets of the capital, no matter in which language they step up to the microphone.

KEY VISUAL BEST OF POETRY - Studio international
KEY VISUAL BEST OF POETRY - Studio international © Oleg Laptev

We invite you to a varied and entertaining poetry show in a cozy lounge atmosphere with DJ and drinks. Time to unpack your language skills and open your heart chambers. As always, the golden rule applies: if you don’t understand the poem – feel it.

Ken Yamamoto is a slam poet, moderator and member of the legendary Berlin reading stage »Spree vom Weizen«. He is a real Neuköllner, which means he moved here and is assimilated all along the line. As salon-worthy as seasoned halloumi, with the exuberant charm of a used car salesman, he leads entertainingly through these evenings full of linguistic wit and depth.
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Heimathafen Neukölln - Studio