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Pack your dancing shoes for the Berlin Salsa Festival "Fiesta Elegante" to experience the magic of the last winter party to a new level. Three days of salsa dancing and lessons with international masters. Three parties, a pre-party, and around 20 dance workshops on various topics plus dance shows.

The international star instructors include:

  • Yoandy Villaurrutia (Yoyo Flow), salsa dancer from Cuba
  • Laura Del Vecchio with a diverse dance background
  • Eloy J Rojas, expert in Latin American and Afro-Cuban rhythms
  • Edy & Roger, Polish-Italian salsa duo
  • Andy & Yuliet, dancers from Cuba and Norway
  • Yenifer Lavin, dancer with passion for salsa and Latin American dances


  • Dj Rafi (NL)
  • DJANE Estefi (ES)
  • El Puma DJ (Venezuela/Berlin)
  • DJ Tamboly (Berlin)
  • DJ ELier (Cuba)