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The loss of members in the Catholic and Protestant churches is dramatic: In large parts of Europe, more and more people are turning away from these institutions. But while secularization continues to advance in this country, North and South America are experiencing rapid growth in free church and evangelical communities, which are now also streaming back to the old continent. These communities are developing into stable pillars for politics, business and social coexistence and are therefore becoming more attractive in Europe.

What is your secret to success? What spiritual and life-related offers, rules and promises of salvation do you use to appeal to people? How do they manage to integrate people into often quite rigid communities of believers? What makes belief in the end of the world, purity, chosenness and abstinence so tempting? What secular alliances might strengthen their assertiveness? What modernizing impulses can be harnessed for the national churches and the secular world? And where is there a real danger to the open society guaranteed in the constitution?

Welcome and Introduction:
Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Christoph Markschies, President of the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences

Harald Asel, editor rbb24 Inforadio

Discussion with:

Niklas Franzen, journalist and publicist, long-time correspondent in Brazil for taz, nd and Freitag, among others. Interested in the connection between religion and politics in Latin America.

Dr. Maren Freudenberg, sociologist of religion at the Center for Religious Studies, Ruhr University Bochun. She researches the interaction between religion and economics with a focus on North America.

Marko Martin, writer and journalist, Berlin, has published books on, among other things, dissident thought and heretics. Martin grew up in the GDR in a family that belonged to Jehovah's Witnesses.

Dr. habil. Matthias Pöhlmann, representative for sect and ideological issues at the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bavaria, Munich. He is particularly knowledgeable about esotericism, occultism, spiritualism, Satanism, freemasonry, free churches and right-wing esotericism.

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