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"From the beginning of the triad catch" by Marion Sparber deals with the triad and the associated question of how one can benefit from the special geometry of a triad, to regard it as a "catch" and something positive and not to be in this special constellation to feel "trapped".

Triangular constellations in life or in great art are often problematic and often end fatally. Just think of the Iliad, Othello, Woyzeck, the great novels of Tolstoy and Dostoevsky, etc.

But here it is completely different: through the intensive music and movement research, the piece by Marion Sparber, who acts in the double role of choreographer and dancer at the same time, has become a well-founded study of the odd number three, communication, lateral thinking, argumentation and space for a broad spectrum of passions rather than being limited to a basic mutual agreement. It underscores the life-affirming energy of the triad.
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Participating artists
Marion Sparber
Efthymia Chatzakou
Alan Fuentes Guerra
Alpsmove Festival
Marion Sparber in Zusammenarbeit mit den Tänzern
IDEA – Tanz Theater Performance / Doris Plankl
Stefano Ciardi