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A new site-specific immersive performance by Grace Euna Kim.

The performance "THE BEAUTIFUL SOULS" subversively explores anticipations of interpersonal encounters as well as the feeling of being together, testing our expectations. Artist Grace Euna Kim's performative experiment is the third installment in an ongoing series exploring symbolic violence as well as the body as a site of resistance in crisis.

The work raises the question of what is hidden beyond the boundaries of perception and the representable. It thus directs the focus to the invisible violence inherent in those constructions that define the limits of our notions of the "possible" - examples of which are language, the status quo, common sense, the ritualized, the coded, the nostalgic, the reassuring, that which can be grasped with the mind, the familiar.

The performance "THE BEAUTIFUL SOULS" was inspired by Hegel's subversive concept of the "Beautiful Soul," as well as by Jean-Paul Sartre's play "Closed Society" (in the original: "Huis clos"), whose existential premise is: "Hell, it's the others."

During the performance, the audience is immersed in a sensory, non-verbal dramaturgy in which psychological power processes, desire as well as ideologies are put up for discussion; and what is at stake in the way societies deal with crises and the unknown.

Since the artist considers expectation in the context of human encounters as a political matter, the specific approaches and methodologies as well as the identities of the performers will be made public only after the presentations.
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Participating artists
Künstlerin/Regisseurin Grace Euna Kim
Dramaturgische Assistentin Patrycja Masłowska
Produktionsmanagerin Louisa Behr
Sounddesign Anto Modica