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About stones, earth, trees, plants and other animals

The poet and Büchner Prize winner Jan Wagner will read poems from his "Regentonnenvariationen" and his new volume "Steine & Erden", which will be which will be published a week later by Hanser Verlag. In his specially for the "Baumschule Kulturforum" he takes trees, insects, animals and birds into poetic focus.

The installation "Baumschule Kulturforum" (Cultural Forum Tree Nursery) invites all visitors to the 2023 invites all visitors of the Kulturforum to linger and enjoy the tree groves to linger and come together. The selected tree species are tolerant of the urban climate and provide the missing shade in the area. The "Kulturforum Tree Nursery" aims to sustainably improve the quality of stay in the Kulturforum and provides a new perspective on a cultural quarter once conceived as a green once intended as a green extension of the Tiergarten.

  • Location: Baumschule Kulturforum auf der Piazzetta, Matthäikirchplatz, 10785 Berlin
  • Design & Realization: Jan Wagner

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