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Castle Courtyard Concert

Raw, real capital city blues around the charismatic singer and harmonica player Kat Baloun from the USA and the Berlin guitarist Jan Hirte. The Berliner-by-choice from Cincinnati inspires her audience with her spontaneous and honest manner. With the crème de la crème of the German blues scene, every concert is an experience, gripping vocals, rousing solos from harp, organ and guitar and a super groove from drums and double bass. Own pieces and covers provide a varied program.

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  • Kat Baloun – voc, harp;
  • Matthias Falkenau – keyboards
  • Dorian Gollis – double bass
  • Jan Hirte – git & voc
  • Special guest: Toni Nissl - drums

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Price: €18.00

Reduced price: €15.00
Jagdschloss Grunewald