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Bertolt Brecht's expressive stage ballad "Baal", named after the Syrian god of fertility, whose image hung above the bed in the Augsburg attic room of the precocious playwright, tells the story of an artist's life - flickering between genius and insanity.

Vorabfoto "Baal"
Vorabfoto "Baal" © Foto: Moritz Haase

Obsessed by a panicked desire for happiness, Baal lives a life in the spirit of art, which leaves little (intermediate) human space between intoxication and fall. Behavior and life of Baal violate the moral and social norms of his time - and not only this. The figure of Baal can be read symbolically for a society in which the importance of the individual has blown up the value of the community and solidarity is just a troublesome slogan of old days. "The art of life of Baal," explains Brecht in 1954, "shares the fate of all other arts in capitalism: it is defeated, it is antisocial but in an antisocial society." Nowadays, the question of the lowest common denominator between people is a new one. The question of respect and solidarity, of the possibility and necessity of an encounter at eye level from person to person.

A question that director Ersan Mondtag wants to confront in his examination of the subject matter. With his interpretation of the material he also casts a critical eye on genius cult and male omnipotence fantasies.

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Participating artists
von Bertolt Brecht (Autor/in)
Kate Strong (Eckart)
Anna Mattes (Emilie Mech, Der Klavierspieler)
Stefanie Reinsperger (Baal)
Judith Engel (Johannes, Mutter)
Veit Schubert (Mech, Hauswirtin, Gendarm 1)
Paul Zichner (Pschierer, Lupu, Watzmann)
Peter Luppa (Dr. Piller, Doktor)
Owen Peter Read (Kellnerin Luise, Der Geistliche)
Emma Lotta Wegner (Johanna)
Torben Appel (Amtsbote, Die jüngere Schwester, Gendarm 2)
Yanina Cerón (Kellnerin Marie, Sophie)
Jonas Grundner-Culemann (Die ältere Schwester, Ein junges Weib, Soubrette)
Johannes Meier (John, Claude)
Ersan Mondtag
Eva Jantschitsch
Jonas Grundner-Culemann
Ulrich Eh
Clara Topic-Matutin
Berliner Ensemble: Großes Haus
Berliner Ensemble: Großes Haus
Berliner Ensemble: Großes Haus
Berliner Ensemble: Großes Haus