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sebastian zuber

the piece leads through an associative imagery of water scarcity in europe: a future scenario, inspired by the book "the story of water" by maja lunde. by depicting the immediacy of this disaster, shallow waters illuminates our behavior regarding the climate crisis in the current situation - a time when political beliefs become concepts of faith, but urgent action fails to materialize. rather than condemning our sluggish response to climate change, the play acknowledges and cheers on the self-destructive nature of humans.

Additional information
direction, choreography: sebastian zuber

assistant director: anna friedrich

dance: jefta tanate, anna virkkunen, gotautė kalmatavičiūtė, elina lindfors, victor rottier, jordan gigout

costumes: noemi szalay

music: lukas thielecke

lighting: minna heikkilä

production assistance: mathias stich, rahel roethlisberger

photo: brigitte fässler