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Teens Workshop / Photography and Design

Inspired by Mary Ellen Mark's exhibition, participants will be familiarized with the photographic varieties of street photography. Around the Zoo station they explore the countless subjects that the inner-city landscape and society have to offer. With a sharpened eye, we explore and photographically research in order to then find the right moment for a successful shot. Be it a street scene, a play of light and shadow, a passer-by, or architecture – the young photographers determine the subject themselves.

The collected photographic snapshots of the city then serve as a basis for putting together associative pairs of images. With the help of printouts, a selection is made haptically and pairs of images are searched for in which visual connections and associative moments arise. What was tried out on the table with paper and scissors is then implemented on the computer using Photoshop and InDesign. At the end, a small booklet with their own pictures will be designed that the participants can take home.

Iris Janke studied visual communication and fine arts and works as a freelance photographer. Her work has been presented in numerous exhibitions and photography festivals worldwide. In 2011 she exhibited as a talent at C/O Berlin.

Mieke Ulfig is an artist and co-founder of the film and graphics studio Riedel+Ulfig. The work includes the conception and implementation of video artifacts and graphic design for film and theater. As a member of the artist group Superschool and solo, Mieke Ulfig has been involved in various exhibitions, performances and film festivals since 1999.

From Mon, Oct 23rd to Thurs, Oct 26th, 2023, 11:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m
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Price: €70.00